Public Workshop

In only three days, workshop participants can upgrade their innovative capabilities by learning effective and easy to apply techniques. Not only this, but through simple exercises, that are also enjoyable, they can also build their listening, persuasion and collaboration skills.

If an organization is looking to improve creativity, create new marketing strategies, or develop new products, the basic workshop is the training to help them reach their goals! Beyond helping participants increase their creativity, this system assists participants in becoming innovation leaders.

ITS™ is step-by-step system for accelerating innovation. It develops the following techniques for: generating 100s of quality new ideas; screening for the most appropriate ideas; fine-tuning candidate(s); designing plans; full implementation.

Becoming an ITS™ certified trainer is as simple as taking an additional 2-day trainer certification, after completing the basic workshop.


Who Should Attend

  • Product Development Mangers
  • New Business Developer
  • Marketing Managers and Staff
  • Anyone Looking to Boost Creativity
  • Internal Trainer, Consultants and Executive Coaches


Expected Outcomes

  • Master techniques that accelerate innovation.
  • Break through limitations in thinking and behavior.
  • Learn what is needed to manage each of the stages of innovation.
  • Learn leadership concepts that create and advance an innovative organizational culture



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