Our Process

ITS™ takes a broad range of proven techniques and aligns them into a simple manageable path.

Participants generate abundant new concepts, organize and filter them down to the idea most likely to succeed, hone it into a successful proposal, and implement it as a viable new initiative.

Discover your mental model for successful innovation and become aware of obsolete and unconscious ways of thinking obstructing new innovative ideas and behaviors.

Generating Ideas

More ideas, more opportunities

Narrowing down ideas

Choose the best ideas with confidence

Polish & fine tune ideas

Create competitive proposals

Design implementation plans

Develop a feasible road-map


Enroll & Discover New Ways of Thinking


Customer Case Study

New Product



Responding to new and increasingly complex demands from their customers, R&D needed to improve their upstream processes and revitalize their unit. Their internal programs for "idea promotion" and "patent approval support" were not giving the expected results. To provide a solution to these problems, ITS™ was offered first as part of a training program for improving R&D staff literacy. Afterwards, ITS™ meetings were held for generating future development plans and patent ideas.

Building Design & Management

100 R&D staff


Program Outline

  • Pre-Session: Participant selection (approx. 10-12 )
  • Step 1: ITS™ Divergent Thinking Techniques (Two days)
  • Step 2: ITS™ Convergent Thinking Techniques (Two days)
  • Step 3: Innovation Meeting (Two days) - A brainstorming meeting for generating ideas for internal application
  • Step 4: Team review for polishing ideas generated in Step 3
  • Step 5: Writing the polished idea(s) in the Project Development Proposal
  • Step 6: Submission of proposal to an immediate manager and general manager


Currently over 70 participants (nearly all members of the R&D department) have completed both the ITS™ four-day training and two-day Innovation Meeting. On average 3,000 ideas are generated per 6 people in an Innovation Meeting. 20 ideas out of the 3,000 move to the next step. These proposals are stored in a database accessible to all employees.

Voices of Our Clients

Who uses ITS?

Innovative Thinking System™ benefits those who are:

Product Development Managers

New Business Developer

Anyone Looking to Boost Creativity and Innovation

Marketing Manager and Staff

HR / OD Managers, Consultants and Executive Coaches

You can accelerate innovation in:


New Products, Technologies, Services Development


Future Business Models, Strategies, Plans, New Values Development


Ideas Generation, Projects Leading, Stake Holder Engagement


New Marketing Strategies, New Customer Development Methodology, Process Improvement Creation


Innovation and operational efficiency in organizations (one’s own and client organizations)

Accelerate your business to better sustainability.

Get Certified &
Start Improving Your Business