Solutions for Individuals

ITS offers powerful tools that help individuals manage every stage of innovation. It assists innovation leaders in managing projects from idea generation to success implementation, while affording them immense personal growth opportunities. Here are some examples:


Idea Generation

・ Thinking outside the box

・ Breaking limitations in thinking and behavior

・ Problem Solving (including improvement of current processes)

・ Creating a space where innovations are welcomed


Project Management

・ Planning and organizing innovative projects

・ Designing processes and procedures for efficient implementation

・ Removing unnecessary roadblocks within the organization

・ Insuring project momentum


Leadership Development

・ Encouraging inclusion (people and their ideas)

・ Becoming aware of innovation-killing behaviors

・ Being able to tolerate ambiguity

・ Enhancing an innovative organizational culture


Consensus Building

・ Prioritizing and making decisions

・ Seeing the merits of different ideas, opinions, and viewpoints

・ Resolving multiple stakeholder conflicts

・ Improving presentation skills


Information Gathering

・ Enhancing innovation by skillfully handling internal and external information

・ Accommodating stakeholder needs

・ Facilitating project critical information acquisition

・ Coordinating with others to reach information resources


Licensing Opportunities

Becoming a certified practitioner is the most cost-effective and efficient way of implementing ITS.

For individuals seeking the opportunity to become certified trainers, we certify/licensed individual trainers to deliver ITS to your clients.

Presentation, facilitation and training skills will also be covered during the certification process to insure professional and competent delivery of the content.

The program is customizable and can be adapted to your business needs as well.


Become a Certified Practitioner