In-Person Certification Workshop

To make the process of ITS certification easier, candidates only need to take the 2-day trainer certification that follows the public workshop experience.

These two days build on the ITS workshop, and teach facilitation and presentation skills, as well how to manage each stage of innovation, in order to insure professional and competent delivery of the content. This training empowers trainees to deliver ITS workshops and accelerate innovation by all sharpening the previously learned tools and building up background know-how and leadership principles.


The ITS certification workshop is ideal for anyone wanting to achieve any or all of the following: deliver workshops, promote individual and/or team creativity, develop new products/services, and/or source an innovative organizational culture.


Who Should Attend

  • Corporate Executives
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Consultants and Executive Coaches
  • Internal and Independent Trainers


Expected Outcomes

  • Master ITS techniques that accelerate innovation.
  • Break through limitations in thinking and behavior.
  • Learn what is needed to manage each of the stages of innovation.
  • Learn leadership concepts that create and advance an innovative organizational culture
  • Ability to train others to use the ITS techniques, workbook, and other related materials
  • Sharpen presentation, facilitation and training skills.



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