Solutions for Organizations

ITS offers powerful tools to benefits every department of an organization. Here are a few examples, by department/team:


Engineering and R&D

・ New product and technology development

・ Repurposing of existing technology and product

・ Developing new vision and implementation plans

・ Creativity training for staff

・ Finding themes for product development


Production and Manufacturing

・ Creating new methods for quality control management

・ Improving creative problem solving skills

・ Creating new methods for process improvement

・ Creating labor efficiency - more work, less time

・ Creating manufacturing efficiency - reduce resource usage and cost


Cross-functional team

・ Developing start-ups

・ Developing strategies for future business

・ Building new business models

・ Creating ideas for sustainability projects


Sales and Marketing

・ Reviewing and updating existing marketing strategy

・ Developing new solutions

・ Creating new methods/models for new customer acquisition

・ Creating ideas for sales process efficiency

・ Creating ideas for customer relation management


HR and Planning

・ Developing strategic plans

・ Creating fresh methods for organizational engagement

・ Creating customer service improvements

・ Creating human resource development plans

・ Creativity development training for personnel


Licensing Opportunities

By having ITS Certified Trainers, organizations can conduct our programs in-house to produce the wide variety of applications mentioned above.

It allows organizations to have qualified trainers that can deliver the ITS company-wide over the long term. These trainers are also able to adapt ITS to their organization's specific needs by focusing on internal situations, goals and challenges, using actual work examples.

If you are a corporate trainer from a company that offers training, consulting and/or coaching services, this allows you to offer ITS to your clients as one of your solutions.


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