What is Innovative Thinking System™ (ITS™)?


Because innovation is such an essential element for the sustainable growth of organizations, there are currently many methods touted as being the best at fulfilling an organization’s innovation needs. In light of that, how does one find a method that is right for them and their organization, when there is so much to choose from? If a method or technique is too generic, complex or specific in focus/scope, it is hard or impractical to utilize over time. Unfortunately, many of the systems being offered are like this, making it very difficult to find a good system that works consistently, and can deliver over time by adapting to changes in the organization and/or environment.

Innovation Thinking System (ITS) is one such system that delivers great results, as it adapts and evolves with the changing needs of the organization. ITS is a simple, effective, creative and systematic approach for generating new ideas and translating them into successful actions and sustainable implementation in actual businesses situations.

ITS has been used for over twenty years to great effect by over 20,000 people all over the world.


What Makes ITS Different?

ITS takes a broad range of proven techniques and organizes them into a simple and easy to use method. This system works both on the technical as well as human aspects of innovation. The process goes as follows: generate incredibly large quantities of new concepts; organize and filter them down to the idea most likely to succeed; hone and develop it into a successful proposal; and, once approved, implement it as a viable new initiative.

In order to insure that the newly created ideas are developed and successfully implemented, this system divides innovation into a number of separate and mutually supporting processes. For the sake of simplicity in communication, the innovation process has been broken down into techniques that form part of a specific phase in the process. This way it is easy to identify where things are not working well so that it can remedied by providing the precise or appropriate techniques which will enhance productivity and overcome the constraints in a specific phase of an ideas development.


Our Process

Generating Ideas

Discover more ideas, create more opportunities!

Narrowing down ideas

Choose the best ideas with confidence!

Polish & fine-tuning ideas

Create competitive proposals!

Designing implementation plans

Develop a feasible road-map!


While learning ITS, participants will discover mental models for successful innovation while becoming aware of any unconscious thinking patterns that could obstruct new innovative thinking and behaviors. This process also covers: how to build consensus to ensure the engagement of project stakeholders; how to raise the quality of ideas in order to better influence stakeholders in presentations and discussions; and the leadership skills necessary to support the project team in successfully implementing the adapted idea.

Participants will drill each technique and implementation process step-by-step, so that by the end of their workshop they will be ready to actually use ITS in business and in their lives.


Break Through Limitations


Manage Innovation

Master New Techniques

Build an Innovative Organizational Culture


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