Course Objectives


Break Through Limitations


ITS helps users break through:

・ Limited thinking

・ Limited behavior patterns and choices

Most people are unaware of their self-imposed limitations, many of which sabotage innovation efforts. By learning ITS, users become aware of when they are locked in a pattern so that they can free themselves of those limitations, break through ordinary thinking patterns and access new possibilities and potential solutions.



Manage Innovation


Innovation that leads implementation consists of a number of different processes:

・ Fine-tuning and strengthening ideas

・ Presenting plans and building consensus among stakeholders

・ Creating a feasible road map

To ensure successful project implementation it is important to manage each of the processes named above. This includes getting/gathering support, while engaging all the people involved.



Master New Techniques


Learn new techniques that will help create innovative ideas in the following areas:

・ Business Model Innovation

・ Product and Service Innovation

・ Process Innovation

Experience ways of changing your view point through exercises and try various methods for creating new values to help you thrive in competitive environments.



Build an Innovative Organizational Culture


Many organizations resist change and end up with conventional ideas that keep them stagnant. For innovation to happen, the organization must make a change in its culture, and develop an innovative organization culture. A few characteristics of such a culture are:

・ External focus and differentiation

・ Flexibility and discretion

By learning ITS, leaders gain confidence in generating ideas and creating space for the innovative ideas of others. This acceptance of changes is a key element in building an innovative organizational culture.